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Emerald Jacket

Wind Reduction: -60% Side Spin Increase: +60% Power Increase: +8% Other Properties: An elite ball to help you dominate the field of the 2020 Ultimate Major!

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1 Comment

Rick Willey
Rick Willey
Nov 28, 2020

I love both the Phoenix and the Pilgrim golf balls! But as far as the stats that are most important to me are, 1. Drivability = The Pilgrim wins this hands down. 2. workping the ball around the greens. The Phoenix stops much quicker using the same clubs (FYI) but as far as putting, the hands down winner is the Pilgrim. I am very very new, and within 2 weeks I’m moving up to the Veterans 2 bracket. But just like in real golf, finding the best ball for the way you play makes a big difference.

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