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Introducing the new Invite Feature

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Prepare to lose some lifelong friendships.

Certainly, playing with friends has been the most asked-for feature in our game's short existence because, yes, we all enjoy the chance to open a can of WA on an unsuspecting buddy. The good news is that this feature is coming at the beginning of October, but in the meantime, to even the playing field, we’re giving everyone a chance to practice before we launch our full Play with Friends feature.

From right now (with the new update) you can finally invite friends to Ultimate Golf, and we mean any and all friends, on any social platform, any device, at any time, no restrictions. So, get them in the game, give them a little chance to practice, because very soon we’ll be unleashing the ability to destroy lifetime friendships in the beautiful game that is Ultimate Golf.

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