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Special No. 9

Kick back and enjoy a very special #UltimateGolf blend of POWERand PRECISION. 🥃⛳🏆

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เจเกอร์ สุวรรณ
เจเกอร์ สุวรรณ
22 abr 2021

If so, it must be free.

Me gusta

21 abr 2021

The Ultimate Shot is so rigged, it's unbelievable. The wind sometimes makes a huge difference, and sometimes has no effect. I just played two shots on the same hole - adjusted correctly for wind, and on the first shot the wind made no difference. The shot landed way off, exactly where I'd placed the marker. Played second shot, made no adjustment for the (identical) wind, and the wind then carried it miles in the other direction. Utter farce.

Me gusta

18 abr 2021

Need coins

Me gusta
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