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Ultimate Fantasy Challenge: Week 3

With the NFL Season upon us, we thought we'd make Sundays just a little more interesting for the Ultimate Golf community. Welcome back to the Ultimate Fantasy Challenge - our unique UG spin on Fantasy Football!

The Ultimate Fantasy Challenge is a fun way to play along with the pros, and maybe even earn a spot in an exclusive tournament. Here's how it works:

FIRST: You must complete the special Carrero Daily Mission. This mission will run on both Saturday and Sunday, but you only need to complete it ONCE to qualify. You will need a Carrero ball to complete this mission.

SECOND: Enter the Promo Code that corresponds to the NFL player who you think will have the MOST RECEIVING YARDS this week. The choices are:

  • Justin Jefferson - Promo Code: JEFFERSON

  • Tyreek Hill - Promo Code: HILL

  • Stefon Diggs - Promo Code: DIGGS

To enter your code, tap the yellow "Rewards & Promo Codes" button in the top right corner of the game's home screen, then tap "Enter" in the Promo Code box. Type in your code of choice & hit Submit. You can only enter ONE of these three codes, so choose carefully!

THE DETAILS: Promo Codes must be entered by 1 PM ET on Sunday, September 24th. The Carrero Daily Mission must be completed by 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, September 24th.

Players who complete the Carrero Daily Mission AND guess the correct player will be invited to play an exclusive tournament next week, which will feature A-Flight golf balls as rewards.

Good Luck! 🏈🏆🏌️
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Sep 24, 2023

Where is the daily mission


Jaime Houser
Jaime Houser
Sep 24, 2023

Where is the daily mission?


Eliot Sobel
Eliot Sobel
Sep 24, 2023

Where do I find the Carrero drily mission?

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