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Course in Focus: Hallowed Hills

Ultimate Golf features world class golf courses from all around the globe…and then there’s Hallowed Hills.

This course wasn’t designed; it escaped from the underworld, and made its way into your Ultimate Golf nightmares.

When playing Hallowed Hills, you can’t help but get the feeling that the course is alive. Each bat you see is rumored to be a golfer, claimed by the course when looking for a lost ball...

The course isn’t completely evil, though. In fact, the tree blocking your tee shot on Hole 5 recently disappeared! But, with Halloween around the corner, it wouldn’t be completely out of character for another to appear. 👻

Speaking of new things appearing on the course, experts have analyzed the current grounds and have found evidence that 3 new holes are starting to appear through fissures in the ground... they are expected to make a full appearance very, very soon!

While this course is full of TRICKS, you'll also find it has quite a few TREATS in store. For example, some of the bridges are in play and can help you reach the green!

Hallowed Hills may be intimidating at first look, but true Ultimate Golfers know it can be tamed. Each hole is entirely unique and requires more than just a good golf swing to navigate, making this course the perfect mixture of challenge and fun. Have a look around for some good landing spots off the tee, and remember—sometimes a longer drive isn't best.

Check out Hallowed Hills for yourself, exclusively in Ultimate Golf! And watch out for three BRAND NEW HOLES, coming to the course soon ⛳🏌️🎃
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