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Welcome to VIP Challenges!

VIP Challenges are a fun opportunity to win fantastic rewards by completing challenges in a 1-on-1 contest against a featured guest. You'll play hole-for-hole together on the course, battling to beat the VIP's score. You'll also be able to watch a video of how they made each & every shot—along with some fun commentary—so you can get to know the VIP and their UG game inside and out, and have an even greater chance of beating their scores. Celebrities, Game Developers, and fellow Ultimate Golf Players will all be featured in this new game mode. Do YOU have what it takes to get your name on the leaderboard?

Click the buttons below to explore the available VIP Challenges! 
Snipey McSnipe at Jasper Park

In this VIP Challenge, UG legend Snipey McSnipe shows us what he can do at Jasper Park using only BASIC clubs and balls! His score of -9 ranks this Challenge as EASY.

Snipey only had basic gear, but you can use whatever you'd like. Will you beat his score? Watch the replay of his round, then head back to UG and show us what you've got! ⛳🏌️🏆

Carol at Chateau Whistler

Carol, UG player and president of the Swing Fanatics Country Club, plays Chateau Whistler in this VIP Challenge. Her incredible score of -28 ranks this Challenge as HARD.

Do you have what it takes to go up against Carol? Watch the video to learn how she conquers the course, then head back to UG and try your luck at this Challenge! ⛳🏌️🏆

Snipey McSnipe at Banff Springs

In this VIP Challenge, UG tournament legend Snipey McSnipe lays down the gauntlet on Banff Springs. His unfathomably low score of -34 ranks this Challenge as LUDICROUS!


Because he showed us how he did it, you may have a fighting chance. Check out the play-by-play, then head back to UG to give this round a shot. Good luck... you'll need it. ⛳🏌️🏆

Hyp Mike at Wolf Creek

Ultimate Golf developer Hyp Mike takes his turn in the hot seat and plays 18 holes at Wolf Creek in this VIP Challenge. His awesome score of -25 ranks this Challenge as HARD.


Watch the play-through video to see what he does on the course, learn some fun facts about the history of HypGames, and figure out how to beat Mike at his own game. ⛳🏌️🏆

Amanda Renner at Bay Hill

CBS Sports announcer Amanda Renner joined us for 18 holes on Arnie's signature course in this VIP Challenge. Her excellent score of -16 ranks this Challenge as MEDIUM.


Do you have what it takes to play golf media's brightest star? Watch how she approached the round, and then head back to Ultimate Golf to see if you can beat her score. ⛳🏌️🏆

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