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Pins, Course Mastery, & Course Stats


Pins come in many varieties and can enhance your Ultimate Golf gameplay and rewards. 


Equip a Stat Pin to boost Club or Ball Stats, try out a Bonus Pin to gain extra rewards for completing challenges, or use Practice Pins to test out Tournament holes before playing them for points.


Equip up to 3 pins per hole, and swap them just like golf balls!

Course Mastery

Course Mastery provides exclusive challenges for every single course, with separate tiers to master and over 30 challenges to complete per course. 


Completing a certain percentage of challenges for all courses will unlock better Course Mastery Pins. 


Pin Packs will also be awarded for completing a course’s challenge tier.


What’s more, every new course added to the game in future will include a full selection of Course Mastery challenges.

Course Stats

Course Stats keeps track of your personal stats on each course. 


Want to know how many Eagles you’ve sunk on Bay Hill? How about your best drive on Wolf Creek? Best Par streak on Princes? 


We’ve got you covered!

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