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Game Guides: Pins

This post will focus on PINS. For more information on Course Mastery & Course Stats, click here.

To view the complete Pin Glossary, click here.

New in Version 4.4 - PRACTICE PINS! Click here to learn more.

All About Pins

Pins come in many varieties and can enhance your Ultimate Golf gameplay or rewards. Equip a Performance Pin to boost Club or Ball Stats, or try out a Bonus Pin to collect extra rewards for completing challenges. You can only equip one Pin per hole/round, so choose carefully!

Getting Pins

There are 3 ways to collect Pins:

  1. Earn Pins by completing Course Mastery tiers.

  2. Earn Pins as Season rewards.

  3. Buy pin packs in the Store.


To check your full Pins Collection, go to your Golf Bag and tap Pins.

Using Pins

You have two opportunities to change your pins:



BEFORE PLAYING A ROUND - change in your Pin Collection​


DURING A GAME - change by clicking on your ball and selecting the Pins tab

You'll gain more pin slots as you rank up!

  • 1 Slot = Default

  • +1 for earning Veteran 1

  • +1 for earning Pro 1

Pin Types

Boost Club Stats Pins

  • Affects Power, Accuracy, Draw/Fade, Top Spin, Back Spin and Multi-Stat.

  • EXAMPLE: Your Driver has a 25 in Top Spin. Using a +10 Club Top Spin Pin will add 10 Top Spin to all clubs, giving your Driver 35 Top Spin.


Boost Ball Stats Pins

  • Affects Power, Wind Resistance, Side Spin, Putt Zone, Swing Zone, Putter Meter, Swing Meter, Overshoot, All.

  • EXAMPLE: Your Bulldozer ball has +10% power. Using a +2% Ball Power Pin will give your Bulldozer ball 12% Power.


Single Hole Challenge Pins

  • Hole Score (Birdie, Eagle, Etc.)

  • Drive Distance

  • Putt Distance

  • H2H Outcome

Reward Pins

  • Coins

  • Trophies

  • Season Points

  • Club Points

  • EXAMPLE: A Rare Hole Score Club Points Pin can give you a payout based on your result. For scoring a Birdie on the hole you equipped the pin you would get 8 Club Points and scoring an Eagle would give you 15 Club Points.

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