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Practice Pins are here!

Have you ever wondered if that tailwind will be enough to make the green? What about that painful moment on a challenging Par 3 when you completely get the spin wrong, and the ball lands 6 feet away from the hole?

With Practice Pins, you'll never have to guess again! These brand new pins allow you to practice Tournament holes before actually playing them, giving you a chance to better plan your plays and improve your overall scores.

A step-by-step look at the use of Practice Pins during a Tournament.

How to Get + Enable Practice Pins

Practice Pins can be purchased from the store for Golf Cash. They can be equipped by tapping on the Start Practice button from the tee box of any hole (tournaments only). You can quit out of practice at any time by tapping the Stop Practice button.

How Practice Pins Work

While practicing, you will get similar wind conditions to help you determine how to approach each shot. Wind conditions will not be exactly the same, but they will be close enough to help you plan your play strategically. You will know you're practicing when the HUD at the top of the screen is yellow.

Pin & Ball Consumption

Any ball used during practice WILL be consumed, but any boost pins equipped will NOT be consumed. Practice pins are not consumed until you take your first shot in practice.

NOTE: Practice Pins are only available in Ultimate Golf Version 4.4, so be sure to update your game as soon as possible!

For a refresh on all things Pins, click here.

For even more info about Practice Pins, plus a look at how to use them in game, check out this helpful video from Duff!

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