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Game Guides: Course Mastery

This post will focus on COURSE MASTERY. For more information on Pins & Course Stats, click here.

All About Course Mastery


Accessing Course Mastery
  • Tap on your Player Profile on the main menu

  • Tap on Course Mastery

  • Tap Golf Bag

  • Select your Pin Collection

  • Tap Course Mastery Pin

Accessing Course Mastery

Course Mastery Pins

These are Pins based on your total percentage of Course Mastery points earned. Earn more points on a course to get a better version of a course’s Course Mastery Pin!


NOTE:  One charge per hole/per round of an event is needed to use your Course Mastery Pin. Like Balls, these are one-time use, so if you replay an event you will lose your charges and will have to use new ones.


Course Mastery Pin Tiers
  • Bronze Mastery Pin (0-35% Mastery)

    • 5% Club Points Boost

    • 10% Coin Boost


  • Silver Mastery Pin (35-75% Mastery)

    • 15% Club Points Boost

    • 20% Coins Boost


  • Gold Mastery Pin (75-99% Mastery)

    • 30% Club Points Boost

    • 35% Coins Boost


  • Mastered Pin (100% Mastery)

    • 50% Club Points Boost

    • 60% Coins Boost

NOTE: the total course mastery points available will change each time a new course is released, and you may have to complete more challenges to regain the tier you were previously in.

Course Mastery Challenges

Every course in the game has 3 Tiers of Challenges—bronze, silver, and gold. Completing a tier will unlock a Pin Pack.

  • Challenge Examples: Holes Played, Yards Driven, Putting Distance, Birdie Streaks, Aces.

All Mastery Missions

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