Game Guides: Course Mastery

Welcome to Ultimate Golf version 4.3, available NOW! This update introduces several new ways to unlock awesome perks while tracking your overall progress and skills, including Pins, Course Mastery, and Course Stats.


This post will focus on COURSE MASTERY. For more information on Pins & Course Stats, click here.

All About Course Mastery


Accessing Course Mastery
  • Tap on your Player Profile on the main menu

  • Tap on Course Mastery

  • Tap Golf Bag

  • Select your Pin Collection

  • Tap Course Mastery Pin

Accessing Course Mastery

Course Mastery Pins

These are Pins based on your total percentage of Course Mastery points earned. Earn more points on a course to get a better version of a course’s Course Mastery Pin!


NOTE:  One charge per hole/per round of an event is needed to use your Course Mastery Pin. Like Balls, these are one-time use, so if you replay an event you will lose your charges and will have to use new ones.


Course Mastery Pin Tiers
  • Bronze Mastery Pin (0-35% Mastery)

    • 5% Club Points Boost

    • 10% Coin Boost


  • Silver Mastery Pin (35-75% Mastery)

    • 15% Club Points Boost

    • 20% Coins Boost


  • Gold Mastery Pin (75-99% Mastery)

    • 30% Club Points Boost

    • 35% Coins Boost


  • Mastered Pin (100% Mastery)

    • 50% Club Points Boost

    • 60% Coins Boost

NOTE: the total course mastery points available will change each time a new course is released, and you may have to complete more challenges to regain the tier you were previously in.

Course Mastery Challenges

Every course in the game has 3 Tiers of Challenges—bronze, silver, and gold. Completing a tier will unlock a Pin Pack.

  • Challenge Examples: Holes Played, Yards Driven, Putting Distance, Birdie Streaks, Aces.

All Mastery Missions