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Get MORE from your Ultimate Pass in the Web Store!

Big news Ultimate Golfers: you can now get your Ultimate Pass in the Web Store!

Don’t miss your chance to get BONUS SEASON BALLS! When you purchase your Ultimate Pass from the Web Store, you'll score 5 EXTRA Season Balls that won't be available anywhere else!

What is the Ultimate Pass? The Ultimate Pass is your key to unlocking all of the Premium Season Rewards that you'll access as you progress throughout the Ultimate Golf Season. You'll also get 2x faster Pin Bag completions, 2x faster Bag Open timers, AND, with the premium pass option, you'll get an instant 10 rank boost! PLUS, your Ultimate Pass will grant you access to an EXCLUSIVE, Passholders-only tournament each week, which features that Season’s signature golf balls as rewards!

Once you've scored your extra Season balls by purchasing your Ultimate Pass in the Web Store, continue visiting the Web Store regularly for the best deals and to receive 10% more on ALL weekly offers.

TLDR: Get your Ultimate Pass from the Web Store and get 5 EXTRA Season Balls!
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AL Collins
AL Collins
Jun 29

Get more from the web store….BUT IT NEVER LOADS! Another sadistic tease?! Even animals know not to bite the hand that feeds them!


Errol Adams
Jun 24

Old Hype is Awesome I Played him Twice The Guy Knows A lot Of Great Shots, Even When I Started Playing Him he Already had 2000 plus Points.I Learned A Few Things From The Hype. The Pearl 1251 Hit Em Straight Can U Dig It🏌🏽‍♂️⛳️

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