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Introducing Country Club Scoring

Attention Country Club members! We're rolling out a brand new feature that promises to bring your Ultimate Golf experience to a whole new level. Introducing Country Club Scoring, an additional scoring format that will allow entire UG Country Clubs to go head-to-head in an electrifying new competitive format!

Gone are the days when your performance in tournaments was a solitary affair. With Country Club Scoring, Country Clubs can now compete against each other in a showdown that values teamwork, strategy, and collective effort over individual prowess.

In addition to individual standings and rewards, tournaments will now also feature an innovative Country Club Scoring System, which will aggregate the scores of all players in a Country Club who entered that tournament, in order to determine the Club's overall performance in the event. This means every shot counts, and every player's contribution is crucial to the Club's standing in the tournament. And with each Country Club having up to 50 members, large-scale participation will ensure that every member—regardless of skill level—has a role to play in their Club's success.

Individual standings and rewards for tournaments will remain the same, but there will now be BONUS Country Club points awarded at the conclusion of each tournament based on your Club's performance, as well as how many players contributed to your Club's score for that event.

Furthermore, select tournaments throughout the week will feature a Bonus Multiplier which awards even MORE Country Club Points, so keep an eye on the weekly event schedule to see which Tournaments will be featured from week to week!

Just like with individual scores, you can keep track of LIVE Country Club Score updates from the Tournament standings menu.

The excitement of team competition that we see in the Clash of Rivals and Country Club Championships will now be part of every Ultimate Golf event. Good luck out there... and may the best Club win! ⛳🏌️

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