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Membership Has Privileges!

There’s strength in numbers: team up with like-minded golfers, form your Country Club, take out the other clubs and earn rewards while doing it.

Easy, right? Simply create or join a club and recruit members that will help you climb to the top of the leaderboards in a month long battle against other clubs.

Choose your team wisely because points can be earned in all modes, from H2H to Tournaments to Royales, as well as by completing Missions. So, to come out tops, find members that are good in different areas of play to give you the edge over the competition. What is a Club Season?

  • Monthly opportunity to earn a spot in one of the divisional playoffs.

  • Playoff round during the month for first set of prizes.

  • The top x% of clubs go to the finals for even more prizes.

  • Season Perks! Even if your club doesn’t make it to the finals, keep grinding for end of season perks. They’re worth it!

  • Bonus intra-club challenges: battle against your compadres to earn cool titles and extra bragging rights.

Country Clubs are here, so start recruiting and hit the course!

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