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Trophy Balls are here!

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Introducing the most powerful golf balls in the game, which can only be won in select tournaments. Enter this weekend’s Chateau Whistler Championship 18 Tournament for your first opportunity earn the best of the best.

Each Tournament Division will award a specific Trophy Ball, so the more challenging the tournament... the better its Trophy Ball properties. Check it out:

Amateur Trophy Ball –Power 8%, Side Spin 80%, Wind 55%

Rookie Trophy Ball – Power 8%, Side Spin 85%, Wind 60% Veteran Trophy Ball – Power 9%, Side Spin 90%, Wind 70% Pro Trophy Ball – Power 9%, Side Spin 95%, Wind 75%

And the higher up you finish on the leaderboard, the more Trophy Balls you will earn. For Amateur level, the top 25% will earn a Trophy ball, and the higher you rank on the leaderboard, the more Trophy Balls you earn. For Rookie, it increases to the top 38% of the leaderboard awarded Trophy balls, and for Veteran and Pro the top 50% will get these coveted Trophy Ball awards.

So jump into the first tournament featuring the Trophy Balls, and crush your opponents to take home the Ultimate Reward!

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