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Weekend World Tour

Overall Series Leaderboard

Welcome to the Weekend World Tour Series Leaderboard!

If you're not familiar with the Weekend World Tour, here's the rundown: Over the course of several months, we'll be visiting each & every golf course in UG, one weekend at a time. Each of the WWT events will be a 48-hour tournament featuring 18 holes at one of Ultimate Golf's marquee courses.

Each tournament will be a standalone event, but we know Ultimate Golfers love a little extra competition... so this leaderboard showcases the top scorers from all WWT events combined! The more events you participate in, the better your chances of adding your name to the ranks.

Check back here after the conclusion of each WWT tournament to see the latest updates! 

Number of Weekend World Tour Stops Completed: 2
Ultimate Division
Tour Pro Division
Pro Division
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