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Bigger, Better Country Clubs

You asked, we answered. We're expanding our Country Clubs feature to let you grow your team bigger, better, and faster.

Beginning Monday, June 5, we're expanding max Country Club membership from 25 players to 50. That's right, we're doubling the amount of players you can have in your club!

More players means more points, which will allow teams to put up higher scores and ramp up the competition for those top division playoff spots each season.

This will also allow the largest clubs to consolidate their membership. Many of the most active clubs in our community manage multiple CC teams because they have more than 25 players wanting to participate. Raising the total membership of each individual club will allow these groups to accept more members.

We're also expanding your number of active invites from 5 to 20, which means you'll be able to grow your team faster and have more friends in the mix!

With only 5 invites at a time, clubs had to be very deliberate about who and how they recruited. This not only made growth slower, but made it harder for new players to get welcomed to a club. By bringing that number up to 20, clubs can cast a wider net for potential members, and new players can get recruited faster for a bigger, more exciting Ultimate Golf experience.

Country Clubs are a key fixture of the Ultimate Golf community, and we can't wait to see how you expand yours in this newer, more exciting era for club competition. Bigger teams, higher points, more competitors, and faster growth — there's never been a better time to join a Country Club and fight for the top spot.

TLDR: Your clubs can now include up to 50 players, and you can now invite up to 20 new people at a time. Get out there and build your Country Club! ⛳🏌️

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