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Course in Focus: Sedgefield Country Club

In real life, Sedgefield Country Club is located in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA. It was designed by renowned architect Donald Ross—a course designer who was born in Scotland, but whose entire career was in the United States. He designed over 400 courses in his time, as well as being a competitive golfer himself!

A few fun facts about Sedgefield Country Club:
  • The course was designed in 1926

  • It’s a bit hazardous with 48 bunkers, 12 creeks, and 1 pond

  • It's ranked 14th for North Carolina golf courses, according to

  • "Undulating" is more than just a fun way to describe the beautiful landscape of this course... the greens literally, famously, infuriatingly undulate! This was done by design, so your good shot—if not executed perfectly—might just be punished with a roll back into a collection area. This is why we love to hate golf.

  • In 2007, Sedgefield CC underwent a massive restoration project that cost $2.7 million and took ten months to complete! This project was careful to maintain much of Ross's original design while also introducing modern golf tech and turfgrass development to the course.

The exquisite design includes undulating greens and rolling fairways that are challenging to the pros while remaining fun for the noobs. It’s the same in-game, as we have stuck tightly to reality to ensure an authentic experience—one that's fun, challenging, and available at your fingertips anytime you want, from anywhere in the world.

Download Ultimate Golf today, and sneak off to play the Sedgefield Country Club from wherever you are!
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