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Golf Madness Tournaments

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Introducing Golf Madness Tournaments! These multi-round events will run multiple days with BIG PAYOUTS and great opportunities to earn MORE Ultimate Cup Points.

A Golf Madness Tournament will offer several chances to qualify, and if you qualify on the first try, you are all set with a spot in the FINALS. If it takes you a couple rounds to qualify, that's ok too. The qualifiers will consist of 9 holes from the main 18 hole event. We'll rotate the holes in the qualifiers, so if you are struggling with the front 9 of a course, maybe you'll have better luck on the back 9.


  • 9 hole, 20 players per bracket. Top 50% on the leaderboard qualify for the Finals.

  • Qualifiers are just that, a round to qualify for the main event. As such, they don't pay out prizes, you'll find those in the Finals. That being said, with small 20 person cohorts, qualifiers are also a great way to earn more Ultimate Cup points than larger bracket events and also provide opportunities to preview/practice the holes from the Finals.

  • Entry fees are charged for Qualifiers, but not for the Finals.


  • Depending on the tournament configuration there might be a 1 or 2 round Finals.

  • 2 Round Finals: Qualifying players are added to a 100 player leaderboard for the semi-final round. The top 50% from the Semi-Finals move on to the Finals and are placed in a new 100 player bracket that battles it out for HUGE PRIZES.

  • 1 Round Finals: Qualifying players go straight through to the Finals where they are placed in a 100 player bracket to face off for prizes and glory.

Golf Madness Tournament (begins Weds 8/18/2021)

This event has 3 days of qualifiers (Wed-Fri). If you qualify on any day you'll make it to the Semi-Finals, which are played Saturday. If you get top 50% in the Semi-Finals, you'll move on to the Final round on Sunday. Qualifiers- 9 holes, 20 players per bracket. Top 50% qualify. Semi Finals- 18 holes, 100 players per bracket. Top 50% move on to Finals. Finals- 18 holes, 100 players per bracket. Players that make it to the finals get prizing. Here's a preview of the Final prizes.

Prize Table (Top 5/Bottom 5 Leaderboard positions shown)

Ultimate Passholder Golf Madness Tournament

Our first Golf Madness Tournament will be an exclusive 3 day event that's only available to Season 7 Ultimate Pass holders. Here's a preview of the Final prizes.

Prize Table (Top 5/Bottom 5 Leaderboard positions shown)

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