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Introducing the Clash of Rivals: Ultimate Garage

In the popular Clash of Rivals events, we're settling some of the world's greatest debates, one issue at a time. This month, we're putting the pedal to the metal! We recently sent out a survey and asked you to choose your favorite car brands, and your top choices are now the four teams for this Clash of Rivals! Now it's time to shift into overdrive... the Clash of Rivals: Ultimate Garage is here!

The four teams, as chosen by you, are: Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Aston Martin. Each team will have its own dedicated space within the Clash of Rivals Discord channel, where they'll exchange tips & tricks and plan their next moves throughout the week. Join the channel now to connect with the team of your choice!

Here's how the event will work:

On Tuesday, July 9th, you'll be able to join one of the four teams using a promo code. Make your selection carefully—the team you join on Tuesday is the team you're locked into for the entire competition! All 4 promo codes will be announced on Tuesday, July 9th at 1PM ET.

Once you choose your team and enter their corresponding promo code, a special Tournament will be unlocked where you will compete against other players who chose the same team. In that Tournament, you'll compete for individual rewards amongst your own teammates, with the top players in each division bringing in the top prizes. At the same time, the other teams will be playing their own Tournaments, too.

This Clash of Rivals event will be run Round Robin style, meaning that your team will be playing one match against every other team.

In each of the tournament's three rounds, your team will be matched against one opposing team. You will play all 3 other teams at some point throughout the week. After a round is completed, each team's aggregate score will be tallied by adding together the following scores from each of their team's divisions: Top 10 in Rookie, Top 20 in Veteran, Top 30 in Pro, and Top 40 in Tour Pro. The team with the lowest aggregate score will be awarded the win for that round!

After the final round concludes on Friday, July 12th, the team with the best win/loss record will be crowned the Clash of Rivals champion! In the event of identical records, the head-to-head result between the tied teams will determine the winner.

While Golf Bags are awarded for individual performance within your own team, the entire championship team will win the very best rewards, including the rare and exclusive Clash of Rivals Championship gear!

TLDR: The Clash of Rivals: Ultimate Garage is a team-format event where you'll choose one of four teams, compete among your own teammates for rewards, and battle against other teams for exclusive Clash of Rivals champion prizes. Get ready to burn rubber — it all starts Tuesday, July 9th at 1 PM ET! ⛳🏌️🏆
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3 comentarios

18 hours ago

I stopped buy anything here… suddenly I’m top at Royale…then I checked top ten list.. I’m the one only human… others all fake accounts…:

mistaken me.. I’m really enjoyed play golf here..: for me the best golf app in iOS system…

You want prove… I can prove.. I took screenshots… so guys if u be champ pls don’t be so proud… that because the system select u so in the future u don’t mind to spend more money to get better ball or etc…

I will keep playing here but I won’t buy a shit here…

Enjoy… Cheers

Happy Weekend

Me gusta

3 days ago

Where in the crap are the promo codes that were announced @ 1:00 pm today? I have run into trouble with these promotions you have before. Do you not know what “announce” means? Don’t hide the information, keep it clear & simple, & by the way, out in the open. If I miss this one, I’m done with your cruel practices. Tell me now where they are & I will sign up. papawron

Me gusta
3 days ago
Contestando a

I found the codes & joined. Sorry about getting upset. papawron

Me gusta
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