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Introducing the UG Showdown

This week, we're kicking off a brand new Ultimate Golf tournament format: the UG Showdown! These events are similar to the Golf Madness tournaments you already know & love... but the dial has been turned up to 11. Are YOU ready for the Showdown?

The Showdown Rundown

UG Showdowns will run every 2 weeks, beginning on Monday and ending on Sunday. The brand new Practice Pin feature will be enabled for these Tournaments, giving you the opportunity to really dial in on each hole and improve your scores!

Individual qualifying rounds will happen Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These rounds will be played on the front 9 holes of the selected course. Just like in Madnesses, you only need to qualify ONCE to advance to the semi-finals.

The semi-final round will take place over Thursday and Friday, which means you'll have 48 hours to lock in your score for the round. This way, everybody can play at their own pace! This round will include all 18 holes of the selected course.

The final round will be played Saturday and Sunday, with 48 hours to complete all 18 holes once again.

Rewards are better than EVER. We've boosted the Major Trophy balls for these Tournaments, which will be awarded in addition to standard Trophy balls. We've also increased the number of pin bags and the coin purse.

This Week's Showdown: The War of I-4

On Monday, October 17, the first ever UG Showdown—the War of I-4—will begin. All three rounds of this week's Tournament will take place on Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Club & Lodge. In real life, Bay Hill is nestled just off of Interstate 4 in lovely Central Florida... hence the Showdown name. See what we did there?

The winds will be fixed throughout the entire War of I-4 Tournament, so we highly recommend putting those practice pins to use to perfect each of your plays!

TLDR: This is our biggest tournament yet, where you have the greatest chance of making the cut, with the best rewards available. You won't want to miss it. ⛳🏌️
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