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Play the Pro: Beat Tiger's Best 18 from the 2008 U.S. Open

Updated: Jun 29

You may know the Torrey Pines Golf Course well, but do you think you could beat one of the most memorable performances in the course's history?

This week fifteen years ago, the 2008 U.S. Open was played at Ultimate Golf's very own Torrey Pines. Tiger Woods, who had dominated professional golf for over a decade, was a long shot to win it all.

Despite having won the Open twice in the last eight years, and having a staggering thirteen major championships under his belt, Tiger had been battling an ailing left knee. The injury left him with considerably less match practice time than his opponents, and he was hurting throughout the tournament's four rounds.

Although he shot a stroke over par and failed to place in the top 10 after the first round, Tiger rallied back, tying for second in round 2, taking first in round 3, and tying Rocco Mediate for first in round 4. The fourth round tie left Woods and Mediate tied for the whole thing, sending the two to an 18 hole playoff.

They traded blows on the front nine, but through ten holes Tiger had a three stroke lead. Mediate would rally on the back nine for three straight birdies though, giving him a one stroke lead going into the 18th hole. A clutch birdie would keep Tiger alive, sending the showdown to sudden death.

On the 19th hole of the playoff, Tiger scored yet another birdie, sealing his improbable victory in just the third sudden death of U.S. Open history. With the win, Tiger became just the second player ever to win the career grand slam three times.

Tiger ran through the whole course five times. We took his best regulation score from each hole for this new edition of Play the Pro, for a total score of -13. Think you can beat that? We can't wait to see you try.

With specially selected clubs and any golf ball in your bag, see if you can take on one of the greatest golfers of all time and surpass one of his most heroic performances.

TLDR: Head on out to Torrey Pines for our newest Play the Pro Tournament, and see if you can beat Tiger Woods' best 18 holes from his legendary 2008 U.S. Open win. Can you write your name in the Ultimate Golf history books?🥇⛳🏌️

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