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The UG Showdown Rundown

Updated: Jun 9

Let's break down one of Ultimate Golf's recurring weeklong events: The UG Showdown.

Now featuring CUMULATIVE TIEBREAKERS! You're familiar with cumulative scoring, but this time, it’s just your tiebreaker points that will carry over from round to round. We'll discuss how that affects each round in more detail below, but here's a summary: shoot for the highest tiebreaker scores possible to give yourself the best chance at winning!

Individual qualifying rounds will happen Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. These rounds will be played on the front 9 holes of the selected course. You only need to qualify ONCE out of the three days in order to advance to the semi-finals. You'll get THREE replays for these rounds.

Your best round based on score in all three days of qualifying will determine how many tiebreaker points you carry forward to the semi-final round. For example, if you shoot a -14 with 15,000 TB on Monday, and you shoot a -13 with 16,000 TB on Wednesday, the 15,000 TB will carry over — the lower round score wins, even if it came with fewer TB points. In the event you shoot the same qualifying score on multiple days, only your highest tiebreaker score will move on to the semi-final round.

The semi-final round will take place over Thursday and Friday, which means you'll have 48 hours to lock in your score for the round. This way, everybody can play at their own pace! This round will include 18 holes of the selected course. You'll only have TWO replays for this round.

The number of tiebreaker points scored on your best semi-final round will be added to the number of tiebreaker points from your highest qualifying round. You will start the final round with this tiebreaker score. For example, if your best qualifying round had 15,000 TB points, and your best semi-final round had 16,000 TB points, you will begin the final round with 31,000 TB points.

The final round will be played Saturday and Sunday, with 48 hours to complete 18 holes once again. You'll only get ONE replay for the final round, which makes practice pins especially useful as you'll want to make every shot count!

Winds will be fixed throughout the Showdown—and winds for the the semi-final and final round will be the SAME. Each tournament division will have similar wind directions throughout the Showdown. The qualifying round will have its own unique set of fixed winds, while winds for the semi-final and final round will be the same. Join our Facebook group to get an exclusive guide to wind directions when each new round begins!

Rewards are better than EVER. We've boosted the Major Trophy balls for these Tournaments, which will be awarded in addition to standard Trophy balls. We've also increased the number of reward bags and the coin purse.

TLDR: This is our biggest tournament format, where you have the greatest chance of making the cut, with the best rewards available. You won't want to miss it! ⛳🏌️

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