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The Ultimate Cup

You might be an unshakeable Tournament gladiator. You might even be the undisputed Golf Royale King. But do you have what it takes to prove that you are the Ultimate Golfer? Welcome to the Ultimate Cup, new in version 3.0.

Test your mettle in one of four divisional cups as you compete for dominance in a month-long competition of champions. The Ultimate Cup is different from the traditional leaderboard because there is no single way to success. It requires skill and precision in both Tournament and Golf Royale play!

Upon reaching the Rookie Division, players will be eligible to participate in the Ultimate Tin Cup, where they’ll compete for dominance against others in their division. Veterans will compete in the Ultimate Bronze Cup, while Pro and Tour Pro players will compete in Ultimate Silver Cup and Ultimate Gold Cup, respectively.

Finishing high on the leaderboard in your highest unlocked division – in both Tournaments and Golf Royales -earns you Ultimate Cup Points. First place finishes garner the highest number of UC points. Your best 10 Tournament placements, and your best 25 Royale finishes, are counted toward your Ultimate Cup placement. Keep playing! New high scores replace lower scores. Sorry, H2H Royales don’t count.

This is a competition that identifies the best of the best. Everyone will be required to compete at their highest levels. Playing in lower levels, or sandbagging, triggers point penalties.

At the end of the Ultimate Cup season, participants will be ranked by UC points, and rewarded for their placement. Ties will be broken by additional tiebreaker points from the highest scoring events. In addition to enviable bragging rights, top players will be awarded with placement badges, bags, and coins. The top 100 players in each Division will receive the coveted Ultimate Cup Trophy Ball.

Anyone can win an event. But only the best can win it all. Welcome to the Ultimate Cup!

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