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This Week's Thunderdome Forecast

Thunderdome Tournaments are premiere Ultimate Golf events that pit the best of the best against each other. All players compete in one limited-capacity bracket—which is only open to Tour Pro players—and battle it out across two challenging rounds.

This week, Thunderdome got cranked up a notch.

Round 1 is being played at Harbour Town. We're seeing big tailwinds here, which create great opportunities to really grip it and rip it. South Carolina hasn't seen much rain lately, so the fairways and greens are hard and fast. You can use this to your advantage — take aim and let it fly, as distance off the tee will play a key role in your ability to post a good score under these conditions.

In Round 2, we travel to the Princes Golf Club. The weather may not be ideal for a vacation, but it leaves the golf course in amazing shape! You’ll have less distance off the tee here, but the responsive greens will put your precision game to work. The rolling fairways mean finding your spot off the tee is important in order to give yourself a chance at Eagle (or even Albatross) in this final round.

It takes a well-rounded player to rise to the top of the leaderboards. Can you master these varied course conditions and be crowned the Thunderdome Champion?
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