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Tournaments Version 2

New in Ultimate Golf version 3.3 is a completely re-imagined tournament system. Most notably, players will now be able to participate in multiple tournaments at the same time.

Furthermore, the tournaments themselves will have a lot more variety to appeal to every level of player.

Here are some of the highlights…

Tournaments Hub Screen: A central place to see all of your available tournaments.

Multi-Round Tournaments: The name says it all. Some Ultimate Golf tournaments will span multiple rounds.

Invitational Tournaments: Some tournaments will only be available to certain players.

Cutlines: Just like the pros, some events will require players to make the cut in order to advance.

Cumulative Scoring: Also like the pros, some events will add your score from multiple rounds.

Re-entry Fees: Some tournaments will allow players who missed the cut to buy back into the tournament.

One and Done Tournaments: By popular demand, some tournaments will not allow replays.

Bracket Sorting: Some events will keep brackets intact between rounds, while others will shuffle the players.

Announcement Banners: At the top of the Tournaments Hub we will (sometimes) announce upcoming events.

And just like most of the features in Ultimate Golf, the development team will always be tuning based on player feedback and performance. So please update to version 3.3 and enjoy the new and improved Tournaments feature.

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