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Aces Wild Contest

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

In celebration of one of the most memorable Ace shots in golf history, we are adding a contest as part of this Saturday's tournament. In addition to the normal prize payout, the top 3 players based on number of Aces will earn a trophy ball bonus prize. Tie Breaker points will be used to rank winners, if needed. Each challenge level will have a separate leaderboard and corresponding rewards. So 12 players total on Saturday will be able to take home a nice purse of our best golf balls.

Rewards table Below Level: Amateur Prize: Amateur Trophy Balls Place Ball Count 1 12

2 10

3 8

Level: Rookie Prize: Rookie Trophy Balls Place Ball Count

1 15

2 12

3 10

Level: Veteran Prize: Veteran Trophy Balls Place Ball Count

1 20

2 18

3 15

Level: Pro Prize: Pro Trophy Balls

Place Ball Count

1 25

2 20

3 18

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