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Course in Focus: Ice Dragon

Winter is upon us, and we couldn't let the season go by without discussing the one, the only, the legendary: Ice Dragon.

Nestled in the foothills of the Ap-PAR-lachain Mountains, Ice Dragon was discovered by the Ultimate Golf team in December of 2020. At the time of discovery, the course featured 6 challenging holes... though a recent expedition has uncovered 3 additional holes, bringing the total to 9. A true gift for the UG community, arriving just in time for the holiday season! 🎁

This unique course carves its way through a top secret manufacturing facility, leaving players to contend with numerous obstacles throughout their game, from distribution pipes to wooden bridges spanning the valleys above the fairways. A few of the fairways even share space with a local Ski Hill, making it possible to drive over 400 yards as your ball gathers speed racing down the run!

Frozen lakes, cozy chalets, and quite a few (rather inconveniently placed) evergreen trees line these beautiful, wintery holes. Most Ultimate Golfers have some strong feelings about the course—whether they love it or hate it, it seems you just can't walk away from a round here without stories to tell. But fear not! With well thought out drives and attention to details like elevation, we're sure you'll be able to tame the Dragon this winter.

Check out Ice Dragon for yourself, exclusively in Ultimate Golf! And watch out for three BRAND NEW HOLES, coming to the course soon ⛳🏌️❄️
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