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Everything You Need To Know About UG Version 4.12

Big news Ultimate Golfers: Version 4.12 is now available, and with it comes some exciting new features & updates! Grab the latest update from the App Store or Google Play to gain access to all the newest content, and keep reading below for details on what to expect.

NEW FEATURE: Side Hustle

Side Hustle is a fun new feature that adds more excitement & more rewards to Head-to-Head competition, as you complete challenges by winning matches! These new events will put a unique twist on H2H mode as you know it — now, it's all about win streaks.

Side Hustles may appear at any time with a variety of configurations, but one thing will always remain the same: win, and you'll advance. Reach checkpoints to earn rewards, and make it all the way to the end to win the Ultimate Prize!

Side Hustle events are an excellent opportunity to earn Premium balls and pins, Country Club points, and boosted Club Bags to help you level up your gear.

The Side Hustle feature will initially be in limited-release, so you may see these events appear any time over the next couple of weeks. Get ready!

UPDATE: H2H Tour Improvements

Along with the release of Side Hustle, Version 4.12 will also include improvements to your overall experience in Head-to-Head Tour play. There will now be a wider range of holes, pin locations, and wind directions in each Tour, among other improvements to keep H2H matches fresh & exciting!

UPDATE: Putt Lines

In Version 4.12, you'll see slight changes to the lines shown while you're putting.

When you aim short, right, or left, the putt line will now be colored WHITE to indicate that the ball will not go in.

A GREEN line will now only appear if you're going to sink that putt... assuming you have good release timing!

A RED line will still, as always, mean that you're putting too hard.

Are you picking up what we're putt-ing down so far?

UPDATE: Country Club Season Reward Visibility

You will now be able to see all of the Country Club rewards you're competing for in each division, all season long! The rewards can be found in the Country Club Season Summary page by tapping your Division to the left of the Season Point total chart. Be sure to check back frequently and make sure you're hitting all the checkpoints to maximize your rewards for the season!

TLDR: Version 4.12 is now available! Update today to gain access to a variety of fun new features. We'll see you out there on the course! ⛳🏌️
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a day ago


I am very new to this game and I’m absolutely loving everything about it

What I would love to see thou is some high earning tournaments which players can use unlimited free balls only to test players skills fully

I also agree if there is any cheating going on via separate apps wind calls etc

It would be advisable if you can fix this as I left a very popular online golf game after many years and time spent in the game

To many cheats and greed for to much in the end

Great game UG

keep up the good work



5 days ago

Two ball foursomes and the like would be fantastic


May 02

The greens are to fast


May 01

How do I download the download that didn't download the first time. Can a human respond please. Thank you


May 01

Can you change clubs to something other than what game equips? For instance, if I land just off the green on the fringe can I change club to a putter?

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