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It's time to play Angry Birdies!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Update, Monday Aug 21: THIS EVENT HAS BEEN EXTENDED! You hit the goal of 6 million birdies by Sunday... but we REALLY want to give you the biggest prize possible. Keep hitting those birdies, and the prize will be yours!

Ultimate Golfers, we've got a brand new mission for you to work toward together, happening this Thursday through Sunday... get ready for Angry Birdies!

Your mission:

Help the UG community score a total of at least 6 Million birdies (or better!) between Thursday August 17 at 12 AM EDT and Sunday August 20 at 11:59 PM EDT!

How to make it happen:

You'll add a point to the community's total every single time you score a birdie or better (that's right - eagles, albatrosses, aces, they all count too!), in any game mode EXCEPT for Royales. Bonus points if you make your shot with a Ripley ball—those count as DOUBLE!

What's in store if you succeed:

If all Ultimate Golfers are able to accumulate 6 million combined birdies (or better) from Thursday through Sunday, you'll ALL win a prize! Put in some extra effort and hit 8 million to make that reward even bigger. And if you really put in the work and achieve 10 million total birdies (or better) by Sunday night, the prize will increase even more!

All prize packs will consist of premium golf balls and pins. The higher the number of birdies you score, the higher the number of goodies you'll receive!

One final bonus...

The top 10 people who score the most birdies individually will also get a bonus prize for themselves!

We'll share periodic updates, both in the game and on our social media, as each target is reached. So keep an eye out for those... but for now, start swinging!

TLDR: Work together with the whole UG community to score as many birdies (or better) as possible by Sunday night, and you'll all be rewarded! 🐦🏌️🏆
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