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Short on Coins?

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Coins are important in Ultimate Golf. You need them to enter matches and you're going to need them to upgrade your clubs.

The good news is that if you find yourself running short, you have plenty of options. There are lots of ways to earn coins in Ultimate Golf:

  1. Win head to head matches - Winning a head to head match will give you coins equal to double your entry fee.

  2. Free, timed bags - Opening free, timed bags in the lobby provides you with coins. You can open these as often as every four hours.

  3. Pin bags - Earn pin each time you win or tie a h2h match in regulation. Fill your pin slots and get bag with excellent prizes (including coins).

  4. Do well in tournaments - Strong performances in tournaments will allow you to earn coins equal to many times your entry fee.

  5. Do well in golf royales - Not only will strong performances in golf royales allow you to earn a multiple of your entry fee, but royales often give away substantially more coins in prizes than the total of all entry fees paid.

  6. Earn bags in h2h matches - Get bags containing coins (and more) for winning h2h matches, and then click on a bag to start the countdown till you can open it.

  7. Buying coins - When all else fails (or if you just don't feel like waiting), you can head over the store and buy coins.

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