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The Golf Grand Prix Returns!

Golfers, start your engines... the Ultimate Golf Grand Prix is back!

This week-long Tournament mode is guaranteed to get your engine revving with small brackets, fixed gear, and big rewards that will require you put the pedal to the metal!

The Rundown

Each day of competition, you will compete in a small bracket of 4 or 5. You'll be challenged with a different set of fixed clubs each day, ranging from a go-kart to an F1 and everything in between. The winds will vary day-to-day, but the general direction will be fixed for all players. Practice Pins will be enabled throughout the full Grand Prix.

Monday & Tuesday will be short events, where you have 24 hours to complete just 3 holes. Finish in the Top 3 out of 5 to advance to the next day of competition! You'll have 3 replays available on these days.

Wednesday & Thursday will amp things up a bit, giving you 24 hours to complete 6 holes. Finish in the Top 2 out of 4 to advance to the next day of competition! You'll have 3 replays available on these days.

Friday & Saturday will take things up another notch, with 24 hours to complete 9 holes. Finish in the Top 2 out of 5 to advance to the next day of competition! You'll have just 2 replays available on these days.

Sunday will be the grand finale, in which you will have 24 hours to complete a full 18 holes. All 5 players will win rewards, but the higher you are on that podium, the better the rewardsI You'll have 2 replays available for this round.

If you fail to take the checkered flag along the way (by finishing in a qualifying position), you'll have the opportunity to buy your way back into the following round.

Perhaps best of all, this event features an updated prize structure with boosted rewards, including more club cards at each tier — meaning that each tier of competition you're able to survive, the better rewards you will get!

Buckle up, Ultimate Golfers... the Golf Grand Prix in officially underway! 🏆🏁🏌️
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2 kommentarer

Don Lemieux
Don Lemieux
24 dec. 2023

I have a complaint: on the final there was a glitch on the on the 17th hole, many players could not see the 17th hole. I lost 3 shots trying to find the green. I'm Doncierge from Aim High club...what can be done about this at this point?

24 juni

Don’t waste your time asking for relief. I have, in the past, had several incidents of that sort, including having about ALL my accomplishments taken from me for no reason. I guess they think they are building character by not helping. I lost 21+ million coins, all my cash, my accomplishments in prestige, equipment, & everything else. I got about all of it back by WINNING IT AGAIN!!! I still haven’t regained my Red Brushetta driver whic is the best & strongest. I can’t seem to win enough to retrieve it. Of course, management is ABSOLUTELY no help. They cost me numerous positions in tournaments since then & never reacted to my complaints, so just struggle on ‘til y…

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