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Welcome to Saadiyat Beach Golf Club!

BIG NEWS: Saadiyat Beach Golf Club is coming to Ultimate Golf THIS WEEK!

To celebrate the latest course to join our community, we’ve got some amazing events lined up for everyone this week! See the full schedule below.

Here’s what’s going down:

Monday Jan 30 through Wednesday Feb 01
Ultimate Pass holders get an EXCLUSIVE first look at Saadiyat Beach!

Ultimate Pass holders get early access to the full course in a special 3-day tournament, beginning on Monday January 30!

Not an Ultimate Pass holder? It's not too late to join the fun—get your Ultimate Pass today to unlock the full course.

Wednesday Feb 01 & Thursday Feb 02
Saadiyat Shootouts

Play 3 holes of Saadiyat Beach with 3 different pin locations.

Thursday Feb 02 through Sunday Feb 05
Saadiyat Beach Golf Club Classic

The full course will now be available to EVERYONE in the game! Everyone can join this mad race through four 18-hole elimination rounds for their chance to win big prizes.

Friday Feb 03
Ultimate Tournament at Saadiyat Beach

Play the Front 9 of Saadiyat Beach in today's special tournament!

Saturday Feb 04 through Sunday Feb 05
Front Tee Frenzy at Saadiyat Beach

Play all 18 holes of Saadiyat—all from the Front Tees!

Saadiyat Weekend Challenge

Compete against thousands of other Ultimate Golfers over 18 holes with instant rewards available!

Send us your best shots from Saadiyat Beach Golf Club!

Share your best Saadiyat shots on social media for your chance to be featured in a future episode of Ultimate Golf Shots of the Week. Don't forget to include the hashtag #UltimateGolfSOTW, and include your friend code in your post in order to qualify for the episode!

Special thanks to Saadiyat Beach Golf Club for joining the Ultimate Golf community! ⛳🏌️
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Randy sayers
Randy sayers
Feb 19, 2023

Too bad. Leaves a bitter taste and i do quite like the game. Funny though i havent had a single explanation or so much as a response from the author of this beautiful bit of software. Tell me im wrong.


Randy sayers
Randy sayers
Feb 19, 2023

Well guess whos back. I have a lot good to say about this game on the (w)hole but am getting pretty tired of what seems to be blatant favoritism. Again...i just played some f*** from arnies army. Game glitched and gets stuck at the "tie" screen. I check my connection and as per i am rocking at 1.1g on a wifi6 setup. I was able to look up this character check his or her stats , this is after checking my connection strength and delve through all there was to know so obviously i was very much connected to the server. I sit and wait and wait some more just because its not the first time. Also with players from…


Randy Gibson
Randy Gibson
Feb 08, 2023

Which tour in head to head is this course in?


Feb 05, 2023

How do u get more of those pins and/ or coins when u run out? Besides having to buy them, of course. Is there a cheat site out there for us losers that won’t spend $ on any of these games. Such a waste


Randy sayers
Randy sayers
Feb 04, 2023

Hello to those others that mosey through to find out if or who else has unresolved issues that dont pertain to family members as a child or authority figures through life that have asserted themselves in you re life, pay attention to grammar, and is affecting the things that ponder! Today feb 4 23. I played, as i do every opportunity, instant royales f¹rom start to finish. Thats 12 noon till 6 for you nondevote. Flyby bunch. I tried to enjoy the most of the gameplay but had issues. I had a friend who is in the business of the internet being their business that theyre in hang with for a couple hours and consume my hospitality as they liked…

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