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Coming Soon: All New Golf Royales!

Golf Royale has been a fixture of Ultimate Golf since the beginning. As one of the original gameplay modes, you've gotten to know and love the many exciting Royale levels we have to offer. But now, we're totally changing the game.

On Tuesday, July 18, we're dropping 50 new Golf Royale levels.

Get your final strokes in on the levels you know and love, because soon you'll be playing a whole new ball game! Some of the outgoing levels have been in Ultimate Golf since day one, making this the most ambitious update to the repertoire in the game's history.

What can you expect from the new levels? A whole lot of excitement, that's what! Seasoned Ultimate Golfers know that Golf Royale gives you new ways to experience your favorite golf courses, and shot opportunities that you may not encounter in other game modes. With this new drop, we're turning that dial up to 11.

Every new level was designed to let you see Ultimate Golf in ways you've never seen before... with some shots defying even our own understanding of what's possible (ever wanted to golf on the beach?).

We also decided to showcase some of Ultimate Golf's newest courses for the update, building most of our new levels on courses that have never had a single Royale yet. Get ready to enjoy the pink blossoms of Daihakone, the white sand beaches of Saadiyat, the sparkling shores of Yas Links, the rolling hills of Latrobe, and so much more.

The new Royale levels will also feature a slight change to the format you're used to—rather than banging out three rounds every half hour, we're picking up the pace. New Royales will be TWO rounds, running every 20 minutes! You'll still get to play the same number of unique shots per game and rounds per hour, but you'll have more chances to bring home big Royale rewards.

We can't wait to show you all the new challenges we've been cooking up. Enjoy the oldies for the next few days, and then be sure to check out all the great new Golf Royales dropping on Tuesday, July 18!

TL;DR: 50 brand new Golf Royale levels are dropping on Tuesday, July 18. Enjoy the classics while they're still around, and get ready for a whole new slate of exciting battles! ⛳🏌️
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