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Introducing The 500

On Thursday, July 13, we'll be launching a brand new tournament... one with very limited access. Can YOU become one of The 500?

Ultimate Golf is made for everyone, but we still appreciate the value of a small group of players competing in an exclusive field. That's why we're launching The 500: a limited tournament where only the first 500 entries get to play! Don't wait to start your round, or the chance might just pass you by.

How do you become one of these lucky players? It's simple. At 12 PM EDT on Thursday, July 13, we'll be opening The 500 tournament up to ALL players.

But here's the catch: once 500 players join, the door is shut. Only the first 500 players to join will get to partake in this ultra-exclusive Ultimate Golf experience! No way to pay to get in, no promo codes, no second bracket. The first 500 are The 500.

If you're fortunate enough to be one of the lucky players on the inside, you'll have until Friday night to finish your round. There will be just one 18-hole round from a diverse array of holes on a variety of Ultimate Golf courses.

Some holes will be nice and relaxing. Others will be some of our most challenging. But don't worry—as a privileged insider, we'll make sure you get 25 replays, all on the house.

Now, that's certainly not ALL there is to The 500 experience. There's more waiting for you... but we can't just tell the world all that right now. After all, some secrets are meant for the ears of our beloved 500 players. Just trust us when we tell you this: you'll definitely want to be there.

TLDR: The 500 is an exclusive tournament for the first 500 players that enter. After all the spots are filled, the doors are closed, and only those 500 get to play. Will you be one of the lucky few?🥇⛳🏌️

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