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Introducing the Clash of Rivals: Console Wars

At Ultimate Golf!, we're always looking for new ways to bring out your competitive fire. We've got Tournaments. We've got Country Clubs. And last month, we debuted a whole new team-based, single elimination Tournament that let you join a squad and take on your rivals in real time. Your response to the College Golf Series knocked our socks off, so this month, we're back for more. Get ready for the Clash of Rivals: Console Wars.

For a quick overview of the event & introduction to your Team Captains, check out this video from Duff & Hyp Andrew! For more in-depth details, keep scrolling and read below.

We all remember playing video games when we were kids. Whether you grew up in the yesteryear age of Atari or the modern era of Xbox and PlayStation, we know Ultimate Golfers of all ages can flat out game. We're gamers too, and we remember the most fierce division of our youth, the schoolyard debate which turned brother against brother, determined who could play with whom, and even divides many of us to this day: the Console Wars. Everyone had to pick a side on which gaming machine reigned supreme, and now that we're all grown up, we're settling this debate the way adults settle things... on the golf course.

Here's how it's going to work:

On Tuesday, August 15, you'll be able to join one of eight teams: Atari 2600, ColecoVision, NES, Sega Genesis, GameCube, Dreamcast, Xbox, and PlayStation. You'll be able to join the team of your choice using a promo code. Choose your team wisely—the team you choose on Tuesday is the team you're locked into for the entire competition! All 8 promo codes will be announced on Tuesday, August 15 at 1 PM ET.

Once you choose your team and enter their corresponding promo code, a special Tournament will be unlocked where you will compete against other players who chose the same team. In that Tournament, you'll compete for individual rewards amongst your own teammates, with the top players in each division bringing in the top prizes.

At the same time, the other teams will be playing their own Tournaments, too.

In each of the tournament's 3 rounds, your team will be matched against one opposing team; only one team from each matchup will advance to the next round. After Round 1, the aggregate score of your Top 10 scorers in each division—Rookie, Veteran, Pro, and Tour Pro—will be matched up against the aggregate top scores from the opposing team. The team with the better aggregate score will advance to the next round of the single-elimination Console Wars bracket.

This means that, while Golf Bags are awarded for individual performance within your own team, advancement (and a chance to win even more rewards, including rare and exclusive prizes for the champion team) is based on your whole squad's performance.

The same structure and balance of individual & team competition will apply in the semi-final round on Wednesday August 16, and the final round on Thursday, August 17. The last team standing will be crowned the Console Wars champions after the Finals conclude on Friday!

Although Golf Bags will be based on your individual performance, there will be very special rewards in store for everyone on the final winning team, so don't overlook the value of joining a team where the competition is fierce!

To connect even further with the team of your choice, join us on Discord! All 8 teams will be on there, exchanging tips & tricks and planning their next moves throughout the week.

TLDR: The Clash of Rivals: Console Wars is a team-format event where you'll choose one of eight teams, compete among your own teammates for rewards, and battle against other teams for exclusive Console Wars champion prizes. Download those assets, because it all kicks off Tuesday, August 15 at 1 PM ET. We'll see you there! 🥇⛳🏌️

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Jerry Manak
Jerry Manak
Aug 19, 2023

Coleco, the team I was on, won the tournament as shown on YouTube. Haven't seen the much promised special prizes as of yet. Maybe they're checking why we had so many Bettys on the squad.😎


Aug 19, 2023

Got through to final with PlayStation team, ranked relatively well in that . Though results came in for game, there was no report on what team won the tournament. what extra prizes would be etc. Has it not been published yet?? 🤔


Terry Kuykendall
Terry Kuykendall
Aug 18, 2023

I started the clash of rivals tournament and never heard anything back after the first round!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡


Aug 18, 2023

Sorry I missed the results of round one “console wars”! Where can I find them?


Aug 15, 2023

I've just lost 17now hth one after the other to your scam of using bots. Let player's play each other and not bot's. Because of this I've stopped buying your rip off ball's.

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