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Introducing The One & Done Tournament

Updated: Jun 5

You've heard of Instant Royales... now get ready for Instant Tournaments. The One & Done is here!

We get it. 18 holes can be exhausting. 9 holes is hardly a reprieve. Even 3 holes can be a test. That's why, for the first time ever, we're debuting a 1 hole tournament. Just one hole to finish a round!

But we know that after you've caught your breath, you might just want to come back for more. Fear not, the One & Done will consist of back-to-back single-hole tournaments that last just 30 minutes each. Some of the events throughout the day will include fixed gear, but others will not, so pack your golf bag, but be prepared to play the cards you're dealt. These events will run for just one day, so don't miss out!

Now of course, just one hole means a lot of players are going to tie. There's not that many strokes to be had on a single hole.

That means tiebreaker points will be the primary factor determining your spot on the leaderboard, so if there was ever a time to focus on accuracy, this is it. One bad drive and you're in a real tough spot. Take those approach shots carefully, because you'll want your final putt to be as close to a tap-in as possible.

But don't delay! If there's a tie for the tiebreaker, then the first player to get the highest TB score wins! So set those watches and be ready to play every half hour, because you don't want to miss your chance for One & Done glory.

TLDR: One & Done Tournaments are one-hole tourneys that run consecutively every half hour throughout the day. Ties will be broken by whoever gets the highest tiebreaker score first. Go get 'em!🥇⛳🏌️

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