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Welcome to Thunderdome

Do you have what it takes to go up against the very best? Find out in the very first multi-day, non-jitter Ultimate Division tournament. High stakes, high rewards, challenging conditions... Enter at your own risk. And check your crying at the door. Welcome to Thunderdome.

HOW IT WILL WORK: This single-bracket battle begins with 18 holes at Abu Dhabi. This first round will be open Thursday and Friday, with 3 replays available. The field will be cut by half after the first round... if you manage to survive, your first round score will be carried over into the final round, which will feature 18 holes at Saadiyat Beach. The final round will be open on Saturday and Sunday to all who make the cut, with 3 replays available.

The fine print:

⛳ This event will only be open to TOUR PRO players.

⛳ There will be NO WIND JITTER in the Thunderdome.

⛳ The entry fee will be 25 million coins.

⛳ One bracket with limited capacity will be accepted. Doors open Thursday, August 24.

TLDR: This brand new event will feature two 48-hour, 18-hole rounds with a cutline after Round 1, cumulative scoring, and NO Wind Jitter. One bracket with limited capacity will open Thursday, for Tour Pro players only. Welcome to Thunderdome. 🏆🏌️
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